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  • Sharon Lomas

my home stories: the beginnings of my biophilic home

Hello there, I’m Sharon and this is my new little corner of the internet. Some of you reading may already know me and my home from my Instagram account @a_story_of_home but if you don’t here’s a bit of background on why I’ve created this journal.

a story of home biophilic interiors sharon lomas

For as long as I can remember I’ve loved interiors and I have always wanted to write. After far too many years procrastinating (I completed my interior design diploma in 2009) and letting my inner imposter voice drown out my dreams, I’m finally here putting pen to paper – well fingertips to keyboard.

The best advice I have been given from another writer is to “write what you know or what you are most passionate about” so here I am, about to embark on writing a journal of interiors inspiration and developing an interior design service. I will share any interiors that inspire me but especially those influenced by the natural world and how harnessing nature into your interiors can benefit your physical health and mental wellbeing.

I first began hearing the words biophilic, biophilia and biophilic design about 3 years ago mainly in relation to architectural design. I run a design business creating nature inspired patterns which I turn into lampshades and the penny just dropped that biophilia was at the heart of every design I have created for the last 5 year, I just didn’t know there was a word for it.

At its core biophilia is a love of, or innate affinity to nature and natural processes. I became intrigued by this hypothesis surrounding humans love of the natural world, one that runs deep in our DNA. I had no idea how far reaching this concept was and have been subsequently drawn closer and closer towards this philosophy with every piece of research I read.

In 2019/2020 I was awarded a contract to teach interior design workshops to business members of Visit Peak District, to help educate accommodation providers on the principles of interior design. I introduced to them these ideas of using nature to inspire interiors and the response was incredible. Nobody had heard of this concept before, my workshops were lively with debate and I could see just how responsive students were to these principles.

Shortly after the first couple of workshops I was diagnosed with Psoratic Arthritis. Luckily the disease was caught very early and having decided I would not pursue a pharmaceutical approach to treatment in favour of a holistic one, I took a very long hard look at my life. I began by considering everything I ate and everything I surrounded myself with. This is when I really delved a lot deeper into the principles of biophilic design as a means to create wellbeing at home. Part of this big life shake up saw me leaving behind my hectic life, working all the hours running an interiors shop & gallery in the Peak District and relocating to the Lake District.

Now in Cumbria I have reset my whole day to day life to benefit my health, adapting and reshaping my businesses to suit a slower, more home focused pace of life. Moving a week before the first lockdown though has also presented me with many a challenge to deal with, as it has for us all.

With the move came a new home, we have been very lucky to find a beautiful Victorian rectory, bursting with period charm (albeit it wall to wall magnolia) and an amazing landlord who has allowed me to decorate. So my journey to creating a home for wellbeing, a sanctuary that cocoons me and one where I can put into practice the principles and patterns of biophilic design forms the basis for this journal. Alongside this I am launching my interior design service to home owners and building upon my previous work with accommodation providers. I'm very passionate about delivering unique and thoughtful interiors for holiday spaces having spent so much time in uninspiring and thoughtless interiors while on holiday.

So this journal will be my space to document the biophilic rental revamp I am undertaking of my own home alongside home stories from interiors that inspire me and I hope will inspire you. I will be sharing and exploring the wider concepts of biophilia and how these can be harnessed for you also to create physical and mental wellbeing at home.

This is not only the beginning of a new life, new home and new business, its also the start of my further education in how biophilic principles can create a state of wellbeing in my home as well as for my physical and mental wellbeing. I hope you will join me as the story of my home unfolds.

It is scary to press "publish" but here goes....

Sharon x


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