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  • Sharon Lomas

Naturally Sourced

ercol armchair, green sheepskin, cushion, wooden table and plants
From nature - colours, textures, materials

I get asked all the time for help sourcing nature inspired homewares. Increasingly my clients and Instagram followers want to be more mindful of what they bring into their home as they become more intrigued by the principles of biophilic design.

No matter the size of the décor/build/reno project, the one question I am asked most often is "can you tell me where to buy it from?" followed by “I just don’t have time to spend weeks looking myself”

Choice can be overwhelming and multi product searching can just bamboozle the brain. I know it is extremely easy to fall in love with the design of piece of furniture (one in budget) only to discover it is made from MDF when you specifically searched for solid wood. I get it, that frustrates me too.

When it comes to sourcing for your home I think two things are true – handmade/bespoke isn’t always as expensive as you might first think ( especially for investment pieces), and you can buy beautiful natural homewares from high street/online brands - in both cases you just need to know where to find them.

In my new journal feature “Naturally Sourced” I will be searching big brands and small brands for furniture, homewares, and accessories, sharing my best natural finds to make it easy for you to connect your home to nature. Featured will be products made with natural materials and fibres, nature inspired patterns, textures and colours. From brands you do know and brands/makers you might not.

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Bye for now

Sharon x


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