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  • Sharon Lomas

Mushroom Magic

This post contains affiliate links.

Whilst I am not normally one for taking too much notice of trends, I am delighted that this year mushroom inspired homewares will be (like the mycelium network beneath our feet) growing everywhere. This is a nature inspired trend I can get onboard with.

The appetite for whimsical mushroom decor has been growing over the last few years, and it will certainly bring some fairy tale magic into your home. Mushrooms have a deep rooted relationship in our most ancient cultures and may well be one of the oldest living things on the planet. Mushrooms have spiritual significance symbolising good luck, longevity, energy, transformation and enlightenment, which is maybe just what we all need as we head into 2023. It's high time they found a place in our homes as well as our kitchens.

Whether you favour weird core kitsch , or your style is rustic, country, minimalist or maximalist, there is a mushroom just for you - the world of interiors has something shroomy for us all. Here is a roundup of my favourite mushroom pieces that also help you bring the patterns of biophilic design into your home too.

Wooden & Vintage (Material Connection to Nature)

Something made of wood will always be top of my list of favourite things and I fell in love with this wooden hand carved mushroom. It's old, unique and made of wood. I also love that the year the tree was planted and the year this mushroom was carved are detailed on the bottom. A true vintage treasure.

I picked this up last year on Etsy and a quick search reveals there are plenty more unusual hand turned wooden mushrooms to be found on Etsy and eBay. Keep an eye open at car boot sales and your local charity/thrift shops too.

Disco Shroom (Non-Rhythmic Sensory Stimuli)

Disco ball mushrooms usher in a new era of reflecting light. Hanging a disco ball can be tricky, will involve ladders and maybe electricity if its motorised. These little ornaments (ranging in size from 12-40cm) are an easy addition to any décor and can easily be moved to chase the light.

Since I spotted this silver one over at Beetle & Wilde in December I have been obsessing. (And if you aren't following this home on Instagram you really should) . I’ve tried to track down a gold version, but they pretty much sold out before Christmas. I’ve found plenty (gold & silver) on Etsy but international shipping and duty charges apply. If anyone spots a UK seller please let me know.

Mushroom Lighting (biomorphic shapes + dynamic & diffuse Light)

Fungi shapes just make great lamps, fact. Lighting might be one of the easiest ways to incorporate mushrooms into your décor. Lamps can be quirky and kitsch or downright super stylish. Depending on your budget and how much you love mushrooms, there are some absolute stunners I found over on


Fairy & Garden Lights

If these trend/style predictions are true (and Pinterest is usually around 80% accurate in its forecasts) it seems the world will be going mad for mushrooms this year, so expect to find mushrooms motifs appearing everywhere.

And if you really can't be tempted to decorate with mushrooms perhaps a fungi themed first novel from an exciting, up-and-coming author. On every great bookshelf in the home of any mushrooms lover, there should be a copy of Earthly Bodies by Susan Earlam. This is a beautifully written and intriguing story entwining themes of climate change, nature and survival. I couldn't put it down. Watch the book trailer HERE

I would love to know if you feel inspired to include some mushrooms in your decor, leave a comment below or join the chat over on Instagram


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