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  • Sharon Lomas

Design with nature

Humans have a deep affinity to the natural world but over the years, as modern lives become more urbanised and digitally reliant these connection have been weakened or forgotten.

Over the last 30 years there has been a growing number of studies researching how reconnecting to nature can benefit our day to day lives, improving our physical and mental wellbeing. The principles of biophilic design are ones I have put into action in my own home and I am now bringing them to my clients.

plant reading nook houseplants ercol chair wild interiors
plant reading nook

Through my design service I help homeowners uncover the story of their home, to connect their interiors to nature, creating calm and relaxed spaces that make their home a haven. I design spaces to reflect a love of nature, using the principles of biophilic design that contribute to physical healing and mental wellbeing.

My mission is to see people taste the powerful benefits that biophilia brings and how embracing these principles within our homes can create a sanctuary that cocoons, calms and supports our wellbeing.

downpipe grey and green living room dark grey decor interiors inspiration
inspired by the dramatic winter peak district landscape, colour palette to reflect moss growing on stone walls

Bophilic core

As many of us now spend so much of our lives indoors, reconnecting to the natural world is becoming more important. By harnessing the core elements of natural spaces it can nourish our home sanctuary and connect us to these feelings of calm experienced in nature.

Recreating natural elements indoors, within our work and living spaces, can make a big difference to our daily lives both in terms of how we decorate and what materials we bring into our homes.

During the preparations to start my business I wanted to test my gut theory that as individuals, we have a unique biophilic core - a specific place in nature, that makes us calm, relaxes us, and where we are at our happiest. For some this could be a woodland for example or an alpine mountain range for others it could be sat on a beach facing the ocean, tasting the salty air.

celestial rug autumn colours nature inspired interiors
I chose this rug to reference autumn colours

To test my theory I worked with a small research group of home owners and interiors lovers from around the UK and America. First we discussed what natural spaces they loved and why. Then we drilled down to the specifics of these spaces in terms of colour, hue, texture, taste, smell, mood, time of year and how it made them feel to be out in nature.

I found that they all had a core outdoor space which made them feel at their most relaxed. Most interestingly though, was just how diverse these spaces were and how unique certain elements were to each individual. For example two of my panel craved coastal locations to bring them a feelings of contentment and wellbeing. Where one was happiest soaking in the summer blue skies and endless azure oceans along the coast of the Mediterranean, the other felt a deep connection to the wild and rugged coastline in Cornwall, favouring the light of the winter months which bring more muted tones and textures. Both essentially coastal locations but dramatically different in terms of feeling, mood and palette.

cornwall seascape coastal ocean muted tones seaglass texture
Cornish winter coastal mood board

Some of my research group loved vivid green landscapes where others connected to the softer hues of coastal grasses, moody winter woodlands or autumnal shades of open moorlands.

The details they gave of time and place were so specific, there was no one size fits all. In most cases they hadn’t considered using these elements to decorate their homes. Those who did, had done it instinctively and were just starting to tap into the feelings it gave them and the memories it evoked.

From all the research I have read and from my own small study, it has led to me to develop a design process based around delivering mindful and considered interiors, calm and relaxed spaces bespoke to each client which look good, feel good and create wellbeing at home.

mid-century chair upcycled with retro inspired sparrow design fabric Lomas&Lomas
Using nature inspired patterns

sparrow olive green fabric design surface pattern bird print lomas&lomas
sparrow design - colour palette inspired by the seasons in the landscape

Our home is probably the biggest investment any of us make financially, but as our lives becomes more focused around it, and during such uncertain times, now is a great opportunity to invest in our wellbeing within it.

If you would like to learn more about my style of interior design and how I use the principles of embracing nature into the home, why not arrange a time to chat with me. You can see more details about the packages I offer on my design services page. However I believe working with a designer is all about the right chemistry ( for both of us) so before making any commitment I offer a FREE 30 minute consultation. Just contact me for more details and to arrange a time to talk.


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