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Everything you choose to surround yourself with at home has an impact upon you. Everything you bring into your home can affect your health and wellbeing. Making considered design choices can create a home that not only looks and feels good,

but one which supports our overall wellbeing. 

Using the principles of Biophilic Design, I take inspiration from nature to help my clients discover materials, textures, colour and pattern that can support, nourish and restore their physical and mental wellbeing. 

Finding a designer to work with is all about chemistry, to discuss your projects more detail please

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I don't believe in hidden costs or complicated pricing so take a look at my packages below.

Not ready for a full design service and just want some advice? see my hourly consultation service below for more details



Do you want to discover your biophilic core? Recapture your attachment to a special natural place.  Those elements of nature which truly inspire, relax or calm you can be brought into your home to reflect the sense of peace you have in your favourite natural spaces. 

What's included:

  • Initial Fact finding about you, your favourite design styles and how you want to feel in your space.

  • 1.5 hour video consultation where together we will uncover your biophilic core - the natural places and spaces you feel attached to and happiest in, then translating this into a design scheme unique to you and which helps promote wellbeing in your home.

  • I will then create an inspiration board with a unique palette of colours, textures and materials for you to source and take as

  • a cohesive design foundation for your home. A shopping guide will be included for key items.

  • The NURTURE package is ideal if you are looking for fresh design inspiration, want to understand how biophilia benefits wellbeing and how to bring these design principles to life in your home.

Investment £248



What's included:

  • Initial fact finding about you, your favourite design style and how you want to feel in your space.

  • 2 hour consultation where together we uncover your biophilic core translating where you feel happiest in the natural world into a design scheme unique to you and which promotes wellbeing at home. This will include a tour of the space to be designed + measurement taking. Together we will compile a brief from which I will develop a design unique to you and your space

  • An inspiration board will then be produced for you to review ideas before a final design scheme is created

  • I will deliver a design based on your biophilic core to create solutions for colour, furniture, layout, finishes, lighting, accessories + styling

  • Mood boards, floor plans, lighting plans and schedule of works will be provided for you/your contractor to work to

  • Printed & mounted A4 mood boards will be given as a tangible keep sake of your design process

  • Shopping edit: ideal v steal, an edited choice of ready to shop items that will give you the desired look at different budget levels

  • I am available to call as a guide through the whole process.

One room : £498
Two rooms : £748
Three rooms: £998
Four rooms+ and full house decorative projects: POA

- Final styling bolt on £148, accompanied shopping trips available on request.

The NOURISH package is ideal if you want a full decorative design service with advice and guidance throughout.


This is an on site service in Cumbria with video call consultations throughout when required

Site visits outside Cumbria can be arranged with time/travel expenses to be added depending on location.



A new generation of travellers with evolving tastes are seeking more holistic, mindful and wellbeing experiences as part of their holiday. 

More accommodation providers are now seeking to incorporate biophilic design principles into their properties, not only to deliver a more mindful guest experience but to increase repeat business. Not just the domain of big hotels, the principles of biophilia are just as relevant in B&B's, guest houses and holiday cottages.

The GROW package is a 2 hour consultation and review of your holiday accommodation property and includes:

  • -review of current design, layout and decor

  •  a tutorial of biophilic design principles and its importance for growing your business for repeat bookings

  • recommendations on what can be reused and repurposed

  • recommendations on what ideally needs to be changed and updated

  • styling tips and practical ideas

  • a full written report outlining all recommendations

Investment £198*


This is an on site service in Cumbria but while Covid restrictions are in place this can be delivered by video


For areas outside of Cumbria this consultation service will be via video. Site visits outside Cumbria can be arranged (subject to Covid restrictions) with time/travel expenses to be added depending on location.
*based on consultation & review of one property (Up to 4 bedrooms).

Larger/Multi property consultations are available and priced according to sized and prices are available on request.



My hourly consultation service is ideal if :

  • you aren't ready for a full redesign service but need some general design advice 

  • you've just moved into a new house and don't know where to start 

  •  you want a fresh pair of eyes to look at your space for a quick revamp 

  • A video consultation to asses your space, discuss colour inspiration, decor options, storage needs and potential layouts

£50 per hour + follow up email detailing recommendations and a shopping edit for key items