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Hello, I’m Sharon, this is my space to write about the things I love – interiors, design with nature as my muse.

Home is where we exhale

Our homes tell our story, or at least they can when designed with soul and intention.

Fashionable styles or carbon copied trends may well look fabulous for a while, but how will it feel when the trend ends?  will it feel like home? will it feel like your home that represents an expression of you? I doubt it. I love to design homes that tell your stories and reflect connections to your soul places in nature, making them a unique expression of you and your family.

Through my design service I help homeowners uncover their story, to connect their interiors to nature, creating calm and relaxed spaces that make home a unique haven. I am completely obsessed with the colour green in my own home but you don’t have to be in order to create a biophilic interior or to

employ me as your designer. Nature comes in all colours.

Why green for me ?

 Outdoors I feel most connected to nature in woodlands and green landscapes with views across water and mountains. This is my soul place, my home in nature where I feel calm, centred and at my most creative.

My home now reflects my soulful connection to these natural spaces, designed specifically
to nurture my mental and physical wellbeing. 

I currently live in a Victorian Rectory in the Lake District National Park, surrounded by nature.
I dream of building an off grid, biophilic, timber lake house surrounded by woodland and mountains -

a home where ever inch has been designed to support physical health,

and which that nurtures mental wellbeing, as sustainably as possible.

How I got here
Work life had been hectic for too many years leaving no time for self-care to the detriment of my health. A stress related health diagnosis led me to really focus on my healing and mental well-being. I have made some pretty big changes to my lifestyle and my home to reflect my path to wellness over the last decade. I quite my corporate 9-5 prison, started a creative business then moved to the Lake District in 2020 to reset

my life and build a new future.  Here, I am creating a biophilic home that truly nurtures and supports my health and at the same time sparks inspiration for my work.

I design homes and spaces that reflect the occupants unique connection to nature, using the principles of biophilic design that contribute to physical healing and mental wellbeing. My mission is to see people taste

the powerful benefits that connecting design to nature brings. Embracing the principles of Biophilic Design can create a home sanctuary that cocoons, calms, and supports us.

I have an Interior design diploma from the National Design Academy (Graduated 2009) and studied Level 2 Biophilic Interior Design with Oliver Heath

My home projects have been featured on Apartment Therapy , Real Homes magazine and Maisons et art de vivre Campagne magazine and Style at Home magazine ( see PRESS for more details) . Across the last five years I have been a nominee in the UK Interiors Awards and a finalist in the Northern Design Awards,  Country Homes & Interiors Business Awards,  Rural Business Awards and the Forward Ladies "Women in Business" awards, for which I was highly commended.

A Story of Home was named Best Interior Design Company in Cumbria 2022

in the Northern Enterprise Awards


You can follow my day to day interiors life over on Instagram at @a_story_of_home

 and my natural home fragrance & candle business at Fern & Fell

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